CSA 2020

SYF is pausing on production farming for CSA purposes and will not be offering a CSA in 2020. All produce currently grown at our farms will be used in the school cafeteria and donated to local families.

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) began over 30-years-ago as a way for farmers to sell their produce directly to consumers. Rather than simply purchasing our food, you become a “member” of our farm by paying for your share of vegetables at the beginning of the season. In return for your membership, you receive a weekly share of seasonal produce. By becoming a member of the CSA, you aren’t just a customer or subscriber, but rather a shareholder with an essential stake in the farm. We can’t do this work without you.

Why should I choose Schoolyard Farms?

Our mission to teach kids how to grow nutritious food that goes from their schoolyard farm to their plate is made possible by the financial support of our CSA members.

Therefore, by becoming a member of our CSA you are supporting the core values and programs of our non-profit farm and helping to change the way we think about, purchase and eat food. As a CSA member, you directly support the good work we do at our partner schools.

What are Schoolyard Farms growing practices?

No pesticides, no chemicals, no synthetic fertilizers

We are dedicated to managing the land responsibly and ecologically. That means we don’t use any chemicals, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. We avoid disturbing the soil as much as possible by farming by hand, implementing conservation tillage systems when needed, planting cover crops and planting “wild” perennial spaces. We manage pests through crop rotations and integrated pest management systems, including pollinator buffers that serve as habitat for beneficial insects. We have decided not to be certified organic because the costs associated with the certification are too great for the size of our organization.

About Us

Schoolyard Farms creates healthier communities by teaching kids how to grow nutritious food that goes from their schoolyard to their plate.
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